New volume on 'personal finance' on kindle or in pdf form

Like Volume 2 on billing, compensation, I have updated many parts of the ‘Smarter Physician’ Volume 3 on personal finance, now in kindle form or in pdf form at

Topics include:

Chapter 1: Setting Your Course: How to Take Charge of the Financial Planning Process 

Chapter 2: Investments: What You Need to Know about Stocks and Mutual Funds

Chapter 3: Investing in Bonds and Other Fixed-Income Instruments 

Chapter 4: Do Your Assets Correlate? 

Chapter 5: Planning for Retirement 

Chapter 6: Life Insurance: Tips for Buying It and Using It 

Chapter 7: Estate Planning Essentials: Protecting Your Family and Your Legacy

Chapter 8: Disability Insurance: Protect Your Income When Illness or Injury Occur 

Chapter 9: Saving for Higher Education Expenses 

Chapter 10: It Is Your Life: Managing Your Time, Your Career, and Your Life