Future of healthcare & physicians

Bain & Company, a major consulting group recently reported that they feel that it will take a hands-on approach by physicians as the best way to shape a better future for healthcare.

Their survey (conducted in 2017, included a total of 980 physicians, 100 procurement officers and 100 finance officers from the US) shows that “bringing physicians back into the decision-making process helps create greater momentum for change. Physicians who are not aligned and engaged with their organizations have more reasons to resist new structures and systems, such as value based payment models. By contrast, those who have a say in management decisions are much more satisfied with their working environment and more willing to lead change.” They also state “60% of the physicians we surveyed believe it will become more difficult to deliver high-quality care in the next two years as they struggle to cope with a complex regulatory environment, increasing administrative burdens and a more difficult reimbursement landscape.”

  • > 70% still prefer fee-for-service even though they recognize the cost because they don’t yet believe that vale based payments work.
  • > 80% of surgeons and others involved in hospital purchases cooperate with hospitals with dealing with vendors.
  • “Seventy percent of nonsurgical physicians believe payer restrictions (prior authorization requirements, appeals process) limit their prescribing decisions, and 59% believe these restrictions decrease their ability to deliver high-quality care, both percentages up slightly from our survey in 2015. However, just how constrained physicians feel varies by specialty.”
  • > 2/3 believe delivering care will be even more difficult in two years.