Best and worst states for physicians

WalletHub recently posted their analysis of the best and worst states for physicians in the USA. (

They take into account: average annual wages, average monthly starting wage, insured population rate, hospitals per capita, quality of the public hospital system, primary care shortage, projected share of elderly, current and projected competition, number of CME credits required, punitiveness of state medical board, Malpractice Award Payout Amount per Capita, Annual Malpractice Liability Insurance Rate and Presence of Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Law. They used their own weighting system.

Best states with highest score: Iowa, Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Kansas etc.

Worst states: No surprises here, mostly East Coast states like NY, NJ,MA, MD, CT etc.

I might disagree with their parameters and the weighting but in general most of us know what they are saying. Most physicians give up some things because of family, quality of life but some because it would be a big hassle to move and start all over again.

One of my medical school classmates moved after almost 30 years to FLA and has been very happy. (You know who you are!) It takes courage but eventually the circumstances and even the weather gets to you.