Are you a good listener?

I am better at it than I used to be but have a long way to go. It is hard breaking old bad habits. And being a surgeon does not help. This happened frequently when my children were growing up. I wanted to get the gist and to the bottom line quickly without any waste of time. So, my prime concern was for my own time as I saw my anxiety rise with each second and a strong itch to interrupt and ask “So, what finally happened?”

The latest thing is being distracted with an email, text or your phone making it impossible to give the other person a fair hearing. The link below correctly explains that as we listen we are simultaneously “in our head that is constantly judging, evaluating, criticizing, analyzing, and editorializing everything that we hear.” For me, I am already trying to get ahead and formulate a response or if I know the person I think I know what he or she is going to say!

So, there are good strategies in the article on how to be a good listener.

Why do you need to be a good listener? Many reasons especially if you are leading people. If you want to be understood, you have to try and understand others and for that to happen you really have to listen.