Concierge practice for surgeons?

You have heard about Concierge medicine or boutique practices of course.

But, we think it is for primary care physicians. Some think it is time for surgeons now to jump into the pool.

The attraction is 24/7 ‘top’ surgeon access. The company is starting with spine care with a $99 annual fee giving a statewide list of a guaranteed appointment within 2 weeks from a statewide network. A VIP fee of $495/year gets you an appointment nationally within a week and a phone number of the surgeon.

Full concierge service is $2500 per quarter to 24/7 global and national coverage and access via text/email, a personal assistant to schedule, a rehab program for spine surgery etc. The company has 16 surgeons signed up covering orthopedic sports, spine surgery, gynecology and robotics procedures.

Again, time will tell whether there are enough patients who can afford the service as well as enough ‘top’ quality surgeons who have time to provide 24/7 coverage. Concierge service for primary care has worked to some degree. In the link noted, the PCO provided a hybrid model with a $1000 annual fee for patients aged 36-64.

For physicians fed up with EMRs, rushed visits, hassles with insurers and rising overhead, it is certainly an option.