Are physicians/hospitals ready for new reimbursement models?

Answer: Maybe.

With all the talk about ACOs, capitation (again), value based, quality based and bundled payments, is there infra structure in place to actually execute this idea?

KPMG, the well-known audit, tax and advisory company surveyed the finance function of 164 healthcare associated professionals to assess their readiness. Only 61% said their finance divisions are accumulating gathering tools and conducting analysis to get ready for these new models. 13% were unprepared for new reimbursement models.

Remember, that CMS has signaled linking 90 % of reimbursements to value or quality-based measures by fiscal year 2018. In response, 73 % of those surveyed said they were getting ready for migrating and preparing for value-based payments.

20% of respondents said they are prepared to measure risk and therefore able to calculate fees while 23 % are ready to utilize data and analytics to actually measure and improve efficiency and quality.

Some payers and health systems are undergoing complete overhaul of their financial and analytic information systems to be ready for this tsunami of new data points. This massive work is going on behind the scenes while we are still unsure whether anything other than WRVUs really matter. Consulting firms are prepared to ring up big profits. They and insurance companies (the few conglomerates still left standing) are sure and betting on it.