Trusted professions: Where do physicians stand?

So, there is the new Gallup survey of the most trusted professions out.

The telephone survey of 805 adults gauged respondents' attitudes and ranked the top five most trusted professions, which are:  Nurses, Medical doctors, Pharmacists, Police officers, and Clergy. 80% of respondents rated nurses as having very high "honesty and ethical standards" and about 65% saying the same for medical doctors and pharmacists. Nurses have topped the list each year since they were first included in 1999, with the exception of 2001 when firefighters were included after 9/11.

There are a few changes since 2013. All three medical professions rated lower than they had in 2013, with nurses down 2 %, doctors 4 percentage points, and pharmacists 5 percentage points. This compares with compared with a 7% rating for members of Congress and 8% for car salespeople. No profession gained in ratings.

The largest drops were among police officers, pharmacists and business executives. Who knows what happens next year after the recent police clashes. Honesty and ethics ratings of police officers dropped six percentage points since 2013, mainly due to many fewer nonwhite Americans saying the police have high honesty and ethical standards.