Are all physicians going to sell?

Although healthcare systems are bingeing on buying physician practices, the predicted end of private practice may not be as close as everyone thinks. A recent survey collected responses from over 5000 physicians in April 2013. PCP’s represented 77% of those surveyed. 36% saw declining financial profitability, 50% did not have resources to handle the supposed 30M people entering the system and the majority spend one day a week in administrative matters rather than patient care. Some surprising findings were revealed. Only 11% were actively looking to sell joining the 10% who have sold already. 60% said they were NOT looking to sell. 65% of solo practitioners were not looking to sell. This varied by state with NY and Illinois physicians more likely to sell. 
Comment: Certainly, this survey if of PCP's for the most part but this survey is against most others specially recruiting firms like Merritt Hawkins who contend that only 35% are currently not employed by hospitals or large groups. Resilience has been the hallmark of physicians who have seen new mandates and regulations come and go. It is likely that these physicians opting to stay in control of their practice see the current wave as a fad and disenchantment a given with employment by hospitals. Stay tuned.   -------------------