Winners & Losers in the new fee schedule

Cheryl Clark at Healthleaders Media outlines some winners & losers in the new fee schedule update. The information is apparently located in Table 93 of the release by Medicare.

So, first the winners. Chiropractors (up 12% starting January 1st 2015).

Losers: Diagnostic testing in Family Practices ( cut 23%), independent labs ( down 20%),  radiation therapy center providers (down 17%).

Over the past 4 years, chiropractors are up 14%,  psychiatrists and geriatricians up 8%. Over the same time period, pathologists are down 13%,  radiation oncologists down 11% and neurologists have been cut 7%.


Remember, budget neutrality (other than a specific inflation rate) is the law set by Congress many years ago so if some specialty is up another specialty has to be cut.