Has the 'MOC" become onerous?

DANIELLE OFRI in the NYT on December 15, 2014 argues that  MOC's or Maintenance of certification has indeed become onerous and unnecessary.

A lot of physicians would agree. Most boards like mine (Surgery) went to re-certification every 10 years. Now, the MOCs requires more paperwork and record keeping, in the view of the ABMS, to demonstrate to the public that physicians are on the ball.

Internists signed a large petition to protest the ABIM decision to indicate that those not meeting MOC requirements were going to be tagged as such.

Two studies in JAMA addressed quality and costs each. Turns out that quality was no different and costs were only marginally lower (2.5) in the MOC group versus the non-MOC group. Dr.Ofri suggests doing away with the ritualistic, memory testing ten year exams and instead having an open book test to better allow physicians to actually learn material while they are reading to answer questions.

What do you think? You want BOTH the ten year re-certification and MOC, neither or just the re-certification?