Top 5 Physician issues for 2013

 Top 5 Physician issues for 2013
 1. Reimbursement: Even if Congress puts a temporary patch on the SGR fiasco, look for further nickel and dime reductions in reimbursement. The only exception is about a 75% increase in Medicaid reimbursement to PCP’s as part of ACA. How long that lasts is a tough one to predict.
 2. Continued uncertainty over ACA (PPACA): Regardless of the SC decision, there will be continued challenges to the law. 2014 elections may see more efforts to defund some parts of it depending on who has control of the House.
 3. More consolidations: More physicians including specialists have climbed aboard the train for hospital employment. In our town, there is hardly a cardiology group or Vascular Surgery group left in private practice. This will continue till physicians start to get disgruntled with efforts to curtail their decision making in order to cut expenses.
 4. Autonomy: This will become a big issue as employed physicians settle in as ‘employed’ and forced to ‘align’ themselves with hospital systems. At some point there will be disagreements and with physician shortages, there will be a lot of shifting and cross over to competitors. Read the terms of your contract regarding restrictions on jumping ship very carefully.
 5. Physician shortages & patient access: New graduates are being recruited heavily with great compensation packages. This will create some hard feelings for the already employed. With shortages and an estimated 30 million people about to get an insurance card over the next few years, who is going to care for them? Hospitals will have to retain physicians and keep them happy. Even then, don’t be surprised when the public revolts when they have an insurance card but no access or months of waiting time to get in.   ---------