Wait times: Servitude?

According to a Merritt Hawkins survey of 1162 offices of 5 large specialties including FP in 15 metropolitan areas, the average wait time to see a physician was 15.5 days (2.4 to 48.6). The high end of the range in some cities such as Miami was 200 days, San Diego 90 days and Minneapolis 110 days for some specialties. So, here come the regulators! California HMO regulators are demanding that HMO patient’s be seen by a FP within 10 business days of requesting an appointment and within 14 days by a specialist. Oh Yes, there is more. Physicians must return patient calls for treatment within 30 minutes and be available 24 hours a day. Patients with urgent problems must be seen within 48 hours. These rules were on the books since 2002 but are now being phased in over a year. The NYT reports that the average wait in San Diego is 24 days and in LA 59 days, referring to the same MH survey. The state bureaucrats seem to think that this should not be a problem. They will just audit physicians and rely on patient complaints. 
Comment: The State authorities did warn that they may not be able to chase down every complaint! Sure. That helps. California physicians better wakeup and take some action before they legislate servitude.