Trends in less pay leads to less work hours

The number of hours U.S. physicians work each week has markedly and steadily decreased during the past decade. There was a striking correlation between physicians' decreasing hours and decreasing fees for their services. No surprise is there! You get paid less and less and you get discouraged and ask your self why you are putting in extra hours. "By 2006, physician fees were 25% lower than their inflation-adjusted 1995 levels," according to Douglas O. Staiger, Ph.D., of Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.. Interestingly, this cut across all specialties. Physicians from all demographic areas have shortened their typical workweeks from the approximately 55 hours that prevailed since 1977 to 51 hours by 2006. In contrast, mean weekly hours worked by other professionals such as lawyers, engineers, and registered nurses stayed stable. 

Comment: As I have said here before, there is a shortage ahead and this makes our projections look good compared to what reality may be like. "Read here"