Should you involve yourself in real estate?

Texas Health Resources, which owns or is affiliated with 24 hospitals, is working with Cambridge Healthcare Properties to form a real estate partnership and offer tenants and non-tenants (physicians) to own shares of the 24 buildings in the partnership. Legal concerns are of course many. A question for physicians is (as we discuss in our article” Is Medical Office Real Estate Investment for you? “In General Surgery News.: Investing in Medical Office Buildings Physicians who are interested in investing in medical buildings need to answer several questions in order to determine if ownership is right for them. 
1. Should the practice own the building alone or should a joint venture with other practices be considered? 
2. Should partnering with a hospital be considered? 
3. Should a third-party developer partner be considered to help guide the practice through the development process? 
4. What are the front-end cash requirements? 
5. What is the physician’s tolerance for debt guarantees? 
6. How does ownership align with long-term practice strategies and goals? 
7. What is a viable exit strategy?