Rawls theory? What is it?

Who is or rather what is Rawl’s theory? John Rawl wrote his book ‘A theory of justice’ in which he explains his ‘justice of fairness’ as an alternative to the well know utilitarian philosophy. The latter states that social welfare is simply the aggregate of all individual’s welfare or in other words the possession of goods is what brings utility to individuals and does not concern its elf with whether its fair or unfair for the individual or society. Rawl on the other hand is at the opposite end of the spectrum by saying that inequality is equal to injustice. The relevance of this topic is to the healthcare debate. Although, Rawl did not mention health care as being included in his discussion some see it as a ‘social justice’ issue calling for ‘re-distribution’ and others calling this ‘socialism.’ Undoubtedly, the debate will continue between those wanting a national tax payer supported system versus those calling for the federal government to stay out of their lives. 
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