Pocket phone ultrasounds!

 A pocket smartphone ultrasound device, you say? The FDA approved Mobisante’s new ultrasound device and this is hitting this market this month or next. (Businessweek October 3-9 2011)It scans vascular and other structures quickly, allows post processing and measurements as well. The cost of the hairbrush like attachment is $7495. Certainly looking at the demo the resolution is not great but if you wanted to do a fastscan or see if there was a pseudoaneurysm you don’t need a high resolution scan. The company is also looking at battlefield use. With smartphone’s everywhere, the next generation of portable ultrasound’s will improve and reliance on large centers for quick, low resolution imaging use will diminish. 
Comment: Venture capital money is now flowing in to this technology. GE is already in it, AT&T is stepping in and Philips is eyeing things carefully.