Physician survey themes

A recent survey by Athena Health/Sermo of over 500 physicians (76% specialists) and 50% in dependent reveals some common themes: 
70% have a favorable view of EMRs are deemed valuable though labor intensive and 22% believe it significantly improves patient care. Dealing with payers/billing is still a major headache; Billing: 27% use an outside service Lots of skepticism that government can lower costs or improve outcome 
43% have either never heard of an ACO or know little about them. 63% think it would affect their practice negatively. But, 41% are confident in their ability to be part of an ACO 
58% want the entire ACA reform law either completely repealed or majority repealed 
Comment: Pessimism about the future of medicine and that quality of medicine will decline over the next 5 years is the biggest concern out there