Patients like you!!

An interesting survey of 2,236 adults, of whom 95% had health insurance with 1,807 (78%) having a family physician or primary care doctor conducted by Harris Interactive. 
“Among those who had visited a family physician or primary care doctor (at least once) in the past year, 79 percent said that they were very or extremely satisfied with their visit. 64 percent said that their doctor is always able to exercise independent judgment when providing care.” When asked about who might be to blame for rising healthcare costs, 75 percent of respondents who have a family doctor / PCP said percent said that insurance companies (75%), pharmaceutical/drug companies were very completely responsible (74%), cost of malpractice insurance (62%) and 59 percent said the government was responsible. Only 30 percent felt that physicians were responsible. 
Regarding the health reform passed, 39% percent believe the impact of the law on healthcare will be negative, 26% who feel the impact will be positive and 35% have no opinion. 
Comment: Just remember that no matter how much negativity is out there, our patients will be with us provided we take care of them without biases, judging them or letting commercial interests influence our decisions.