Patient perception regarding healthcare

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions surveyed 1008 consumers in 2010 regarding their knowledge of health care reform and other aspects of healthcare. Here are some answers. 
A full 38% said they are “not at all knowledgeable” about the new health reform law. 
Grade the overall performance of the current U.S. health care system: 32% of U.S. adults grade the U.S. health care system A/B compared to 27% who give it a D/F; Those who gave it a D/F had employer-sponsored coverage((25%), Medicare (22%), Medicaid (13%), and Military coverage (8%). 48% of the uninsured gave it a D/F. However, the A/B rating improved from 20% in 2008 to 32% in 2010. 
To what extend do you feel your household is financially prepared to handle future health care costs: 36% said they are financially prepared to handle future health care costs; 17% said they are not prepared; in households with income above $100K, over 50% were prepared. 
Finally, when asked: Does each of the following have a major influence, minor influence or no influence on the overall health care system cost? Insurance cost 70%, hospital costs 69%, system fraud 67%,lifestyles 65% and defensive medicine 52%