Napping at work?

Napping at work? What? All of us have experienced having to take short naps whenever possible during our residencies when sleep was so precious. Once in practice, few of us have a place available or the time, during a packed day, to take a short ‘power nap.’ An oncologist friend of mine has always gone home for a quick lunch and a short 30 minute nap for years since his office is 10 minutes away. I have never asked him what actually goes on at home when he goes home for a 'nap'! For most of us, that is not possible. 

The Libby Zion case, which resulted in duty hour restrictions for residents, was the impetus. Starting in 2003, nearly 20 years after the Zion case the work hour restrictions exist for the entire country. Although the work hour restriction is too much of a ‘blunt instrument’ sleep scientists have shown that naps as short as one hour can prevent performance errors. It is not a sign of weakness anymore. "Article". 
Comment: My problem was, and I suspect that is true for a lot of you, that I was too wound up and had too many things on my mind to nap at work. Maybe if I came home, I might have been able to nap. But, it is not practical for most of us. Will there be a time when we get ‘rent a cot’ type of cabins like they do at some airports??