Insurers claim accuracy

The annual National Health Insurer Report Card released by the American Medical Association (AMA) says almost 20% of claims are processed inaccurately, which contributes to about $17 billion annually in unnecessary administrative costs. The AMA analyzed a random sample of 2.4 million electronic claims for about four million medical services submitted between February and March of this year to generate the report card. The card shows that the seven commercial insurers had an average claims processing error rate of 19.3% this year, a 2% increase from last year. The report card also ranked health insurers on their claims processing accuracy rate: 
• UnitedHealth Group had the highest rating, with a 90.23% claims processing accuracy rate; 
• Regence Group Blue Cross Blue Shield had an 88.41% accuracy rate; and 
• Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield had the lowest rating, with a 61.05% accuracy rate. 
To rebut the data America's Health Insurance Plans claim that nearly one in five claims to health insurance companies are not submitted to health plans electronically and that "more than one in five claims are submitted by providers at least 30 days after the delivery of care." update report card for 2013"