Concierge care growing

I have written about concierge care before. I am bringing it up again specially for PCP’s out there who are struggling with heavy handed insurer’s and declining reimbursement. BusinessWeek this week had a column about QLIANCE, a company that is widening its appeal among patients. Our research in the workforce area shows that access to physicians will be a huge issue with ‘reform’ as is currently enacted. QLIANCE founder Internist Garrison Bliss estimates that $16 of a $60 office payment is taken by the insurer. He has investors like Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Bliss estimates that his concierge patients incur 22% less cost and save money with reduced hospitalizations since they can visit their Physician and obtain quick appointments, communicate by email and spend more time during the visits. He points out that because the coverage is not comprehensive, patients still need regular insurance coverage for catastrophic illnesses.