'Cloud Care' What is it?

Technology is moving faster than Moore’s Law about computing would suggest. 
Billing software, administrative and financial aspects of a practice are the biggest headache for any practice other than human resources. So, what is new? Here comes ‘CareCloud’ offering ‘cloud ‘online services that does patient appointments, process insurance claims, billings, collections, financial analyses, medical records and links patients with physicians and other healthcare organizations. Too good to be true? You decide. " Cloud Care" . The privately held company charges $499/month per physician. This is in addition to a more comprehensive revenue cycle management program, which is billed as a percentage of collections. 
All data is kept in the ‘cloud’ meaning off-site and the practice downloads some software. No special hardware is needed. Also available are benchmarks for the practice to compare itself to with regard to the usual goalposts. The company is also now introducing a medical record system.