Are your retirement plans disrupted?

A recent Jackson & Coker survey shows that 52% of 522 physicians surveyed had changed plans for retirement and 70% had decided to work longer due to the market. Of those who had decided to leave full-time medicine, 26% blamed it on health reform uncertainties and22% due to the rising cost of doing business. The price of EMR may have a lot to do with this regardless of the incentives. Some had gone part time or locum tenens. (See my recent article ) A full 19% stated they were leaving the healthcare industry for something else. As we point out in the article, the locum tenens industry has grown significantly Jackson & Coker point out that 10% of those working part time are older than 65 and an additional 22% of those between 55-64 are also working part-time. 
Comment: I think our study ( our paper) has caught the wave of physicians working part-time. The women in their child rearing years and males >60 happen to be the largest groups who can work part-time and fill in to make up the shortage. For the full abstract see the news page.