A behemoth goes retail!

Mayo just opened a retail facility at the Mall of America in Twin Cities mega mall called "Create Your Mayo Clinic Health Experience." The store sells Mayo Clinic cookbooks, wellness programs, and provides telemedicine services. Customers play with 3-D computer monitors, kiosks, and "navigator specialists" to map their health and develop wellness programs. 
Comment: The trend to opening urgent care centers in grocery stores and CVS pharmacy and moving closer to the consumer is clear. I have previously featured this trend. I do not think every system is going to be successful at this. Previous branding helps. Mayo is one of the top most brands thanks due to the rich and famous getting their care at Mayo. Kent Seltman co-authored “Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic,” published by McGraw-Hill in June 2008. I am having him come to facilitate a session on customer satisfaction at Ohio State as part of an 18 month Talent Management and Leader Development Academy to educate junior surgical faculty. He details in his book what it takes to provide totally patient centered care. Worth listening to.